Backup and Restore

We stronly recommend to develop a backup an restore concept. In case of failure, this will speed up returning to normal operation. In DCS, you have got different possibilties for backup and restore, which are described above:

Name DCS-Integrated Cost situation place of snapshot management application-consistent
Automated Snapshot w/o single file restore Y included in storage option cost other DCS datacenter DCS Portal N
vCD snapshots Y backups consume DDC storage same data center vCD Y

Automated Snapshot (w/o option "single file restore")

When using automated snapshot by creating a DDC, DCS is writing a storage level snapshot once per day for 30 day for the provisioned VMs. On the 31th day, the first snapshot is overwritten again. From the DCS portal you may choose a suitable time object (max. 30 days back) and restore the VM according to the snapshot taken at that point of time

  • LINK to DCS userguide: Automated Snapshot
  • Important: When restoring a whole VM, the running VM is stopped.

When choosing "single file restore" as option, DCS is writing additionally 2 days backwards hourly snapshots. Based on the chosen point of restore time, an additonal virtual hard drive is mounted to your running VM. This does not cause the VM to stop. Now, you may copy with e.g. the Windows File Explorer the interesting files from the old virtual hard to the current one. After 8 hours, the old virtual hard drive is demounted.

Please remark that the snapshots are written on the other data center location of DCS (2 sides) in order to increase security and availabilty. Within storage cost for automated snapshot and option single file restore, the used storage is already included as well as the placement in the other data center.

Fair Use Policy: For each VM, up to 75 TB of change rate data per 30 days is included. Combined daily snapshot backup data above this limit is considered beyond fair use. In such cases, Swisscom reserves the right to provide less than 30 days of snapshots.

vCD Snapshots

In vCD, you are able to create VMware snapshots from your virtual machines. That is only possible once per VM, a new snapshot will overrite the existing one. If you want application-consistent snapshots, please activte memory snapshot option as well.

3rd party tools

You may use a variety of backup tools which are available on the market inside DCS (in a DDC). Please remark that you are responsible for

  • the correct licensing in a cloud environment
  • software is VMware-certified DCS cloud context Technical information.
  • and the operation of your software.

Remark: If your software is capable of S3 API, you may use as well our DCS-integrated "Dynamic Storage" as target. Dynamic storage

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